Aristo Asia Group

Hospitality & Wellness

Budget Hotels

In line with the group's strategy to enter only into the budget category of the hospitality industry, the properties that we purchases or lease will have to satisfy a set of very stringent criteria before they are added to the group. The budget market places a premium on Convenience, Comfort, Safety and Value. These factors constitute the main trust of our Customers' Experience Initiative. Our Mission is to be the leader in the industry not only satisfying, but exceeding the customers' expectations in these key areas.

The group manages the following budget hotels

Wellness Centers

Currently, the group operates six (6) Spa & Reflexology centers located in both Kota Kinabalu City and Keningau Township. Plans are being carried out to open more wellness centers in strategic locations in Kota Kinabalu City. Both globally and locally, there is an increase in demand for these services as society becomes more aware of the benefits of Spas, Reflexology, Massages, Detoxification, etc.

The ultimate objective of the Aristo Asia group is to build up a Branded Budget Wellness Center Chain, providing quality value for money wellness services for all segments of society.